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Onsite Alloy Repairs

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Project details: Onsite Alloy Repairs
Branding and Marketing

I have been freelancing with Onsite Alloy Repairs since I first started my business. The first design consultation involved designing a variety of branding material for them such as poster images for their Facebook page and website. Then we did a second consultation on designing marketing collateral to promote their products and services. So I designed a range of marketing material including gift vouchers, business cards, flyers, forms and letterheads. They then became a repeat customer and request more of my graphic design services on a monthly basis. This client have also opened up a second business called ‘Horizon Shores Boat Sales’. Due to my great customer service and design skills, they have also asked me to design promotional and advertising material for their second business. Delivering their marketing collateral effectively has achieved boosting in sales, increasing their profits.



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